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SCO. 1, Pocket No. 1, NAC, Main kalka National Highway, Manimajra, Chandigarh 160101

About Us

Financial trading can turn out to be a risky venture unless backed by knowledge about the stock market and experienced intelligence in the brokerage business. If you are a novice to this arena, it may not be safe for you to handle everything by yourself. Let our experts from Berkeley Gains or berkeleygains take over the job on your behalf.

An Introduction to the Berkeley Group

Are you wondering why our organization exhibits dual titles?

Well, online and offline operations take place under different brand names. Berkeleygains is meant for the former while Berkeley Gains is meant for the latter. This separation of brand names came into being only in 2014, although the Berkeley Group began its financial venture in 2009 in the form of Berkeley Gains. The company has its headquarters in Chandigarh.

Variation in branding permits people to have clarity regarding the kind of services provided by the Berkeley Group; possible confusion may be avoided. "Berkeleygains" makes it easier for our customers based in varied Indian States, such as Maharashtra, Haryana, Hyderabad, Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, West Bengal, Chandigarh and Punjab, to identify us and conduct online transactions with us. They may trade offline at any of our branches in these States, or contact us online.

They Have Been Our Inspiration

It has been possible for us to target so many States and garner so many customers within such a short time, due to the hard work, innovative strategies and dedicated passion exhibited by our dynamic director duo,

Mr. Kapil Sain Goel (B.Com, CA Inter) and Mr. Ranjeev Dahuja (B.Com Hons, FCA).

Mr. Goel's association with the stock market goes all the way back to 1986. He began as an investor and transferred to full-time brokering from 1991. Since then, he has used his immense knowledge and experience to help others make healthy financial gains. He has found able support in the form of Mr. Dahuja’s strong grip on financial planning and sales management. Before linking up with Mr. Goel in 2009, Mr. Dahuja had worked as a chartered accountant and stock market broker.

Our Mission and Vision

At present, we offer personalized premium services for all our 4,200 clients through the Berkeley Securities Ltd in Equity and Derivative Market. An additional 4,000 clients associated with the Commodity Market are benefited via Berkeley Commodities Ltd. Every investor is assured of reasonable commissions on the Derivative market, NSE, and BSE. Online transactions take place on an IT-enabled, trading platform. Around 250 computers, attached to eight servers, may be activated by broadband connections, leased lines, and VSATs.

We have an ambitious vision for the future. By enhancing the number of company-owned branches (currently, there are 50 of them) and the number of sub-brokers (Around 500 are on board at present), we hope to increase the per day turnover to more than INR 2000 crores, over the next two years. Since our sub-brokers require support too, we aim to set up around eight regional offices for them.

Thus, it is our aim to help our customers gain comfortable returns on their investments, without compromising on honesty or healthy values.

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