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Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a process for you to meet your financial goals keeping in mind your assets, liabilities, income, expenses & price inflation together But do you really need financial planning? Not really if you have a money machine at your home and can print as much money as you want but that is not the case even with Mr. Mukesh Ambani or Mr. Bill Gates

Everyone needs financial planning to answer questions like:

  • How much do I need in ten years time to buy a house?
  • How much should I invest now to get that money in ten years?
  • What should be my return on investments?
  • What instruments would give me those kind of returns?
  • Are the instruments suitable for me based on my risk tolerance and risk taking capacity?
  • How do I monitor the investments?

Many a times people are not able to differentiate between risk tolerance and risk taking capacity and that is where expert financial planners at "BERKELEY GAINS" help you differentiate between the two and answer and implement all your questions above.

Financial Planning includes

  • Investment planning,
  • Risk Management & Insurance Planning,
  • Retirement Planning,
  • Tax Planning & Estate Planning.

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